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Simple Saving Savvy: Monday's Marvelous Savings Review ~

Simple Saving Savvy

Practicing Wise Stewardship & Blessing Others Out of Our Abundance

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday's Marvelous Savings Review ~

Total out of pocket cost for this:

Plus this:

was $148.74 !

This includes four lbs lean ground beef, two 19oz packages of lean ground turkey, three packages of chicken breast, nine packages of shredded cheese, four gallons of milk, six bags of Stacy's Pita chips and eight packages of Ziploc containers in various sizes plus all the produce (my favorite part). It also includes two gallons of distilled water, a bag of catfood and 2 1/2 dozen eggs, not shown.

I will be posting some of the awesome deals I found in separate posts per store for your convenience.

How did you do this week?



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