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Simple Saving Savvy: Fuel up at Homeland ~

Simple Saving Savvy

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fuel up at Homeland ~

My friend Lynn shared this information with me sometime back and I forgot to post it. Then I received this email from Krista, another Simple Saving Savvy reader. She writes:

"I just found out something this week that you probably already know...but I thought I'd pass it on just in case you didn't. My Homeland has it's own gas station, so it offers gas discounts based on how much you spend:

$30 to $50 - $.10/gal off
$50 to $75 - $.20/gal off
$75 to $100 - $.30/gal off
$100 to $125 - $.40/gal off
$125 up - $.50/gal off

You can stack up to 3 certificates at a fueling (potentially up to $1.50/gal off), but they are only good for 20 gallons.

Anyway, I already knew about the gas discounts but figured it would never apply to me since I only buy good deals. I found out by accident that the amount used to determine you gas discount is based on your total BEFORE coupons. I made a purchase that was $65 before coupons and just under $30, but was still given the 20 cent discount coupon. Now I plan my shopping trips so that I just go over one of the limits so that I can get a coupon.

When you purchase your gas with a credit card and give them your gas certificates they will give you the discount back in CASH. I've filled up twice combining certificates and walked away with a $10 bill.

There are several locations around the metro with gas stations, and I believe that they all participate in the program:

122nd & Rockwell (OKC)
23rd & Rockwell (Bethany)
May & Britton (OKC)
Del City (don't know the exact location)"

I have never been too excited about this since the Homelands in Edmond do not have gas stations. BUT Krista was also kind enough to point out that since I shopped at Buy for Less and Aldi this week (and she didn't know I also went to CVS and Walgreens at Penn & Britton), I could've hit the Homeland at May & Britton.

I may try this next time I'm in the area. I'm a little leary of shopping at a new Homeland because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the staff and coupon-friendliness at my Homeland.

I hope the rest of you can make this work for you, if you're not already!



OpenID bellanorma said...

The Homeland on Robinson and 24th in Norman also has a gas station

August 12, 2009 at 4:09 PM  

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