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Simple Saving Savvy: Savings Show & Tell - March 2

Simple Saving Savvy

Practicing Wise Stewardship & Blessing Others Out of Our Abundance

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Savings Show & Tell - March 2

It seems I can never get my savings posted on Mondays so calling it Monday's Marvelous Savings Review doesn't really fit. So instead, I'll call it Savings Show & Tell from now on and then it doesn't really matter when I post it!

I don't do this often, because frankly I don't want to bore you to tears but every now and again I like to post my entire shopping haul so you can have a true visual of what I get in ratio to how much I spend.

Homeland: $36.05 ($7.09 on cereal & $4.99 on coffee)

Target: $10.94

Crest Foods: $92.52
Two gallons of distilled water and a 15lb bag of potatoes are not shown in this picture. I love all the produce deals I snagged. I hadn't planned on buying any of it but how could I pass it up? My kiddos love tossed salad with all kinds of veggies in it and they've been begging for strawberries for months now! I also do not normally buy soda but I decided to treat hubby and myself since they were on sale.

Aldi: $12.39
I was beating myself up that I spent $2.49 per pound for ground turkey at Aldi when I could've gotten it at Crest for $2 per package! But you win some you lose some.

Total spent this week: $151.90 (tax included)
BUT, not all of that was for this week's meals. I purchased four packages of ground turkey which will be set aside for future meals. I also took advantage of the great deal on Tai Pei frozen meals for two at Crest Foods as well as the Fisherboy fish sticks and Digiorno pizza at Homeland for those nights when we get too busy or I don't feel like making a meal from scratch. And as I said before, I purchased quite a bit more produce than I normally do since it was on sale. The lettuces will easily last two weeks and I'll freeze some of the bell peppers. And I stocked up on some special treats for the kids since they were on sale.
So realistically, I could have spend only $100 for this week on what we actually needed.



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