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Simple Saving Savvy: My Weekly Shopping Trip ~ 3/13

Simple Saving Savvy

Practicing Wise Stewardship & Blessing Others Out of Our Abundance

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Weekly Shopping Trip ~ 3/13

It's been awhile since I've shared any of my shopping trips so I thought this week I'd do something a little different. Instead of sharing a trip to just one store, I'm sharing my ENTIRE weekly shopping trip with you.

I shopped Homeland, CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart and Crest. Here's what I got:

It wouldn't all fit on the table so here's the produce:

And here's the meat:

I spent a total of $145.08 out of pocket for all this plus school supplies from CVS (not shown) and still have $2 ECBs, $5 Target Gift Card, the Kelloggs Fuel for School $10.00 rebate and a TMF Gillette offer $4.44 coming back. So all things considered, my final cost for all this was $123.64.

Homeland ~ OOP: $27.75, Coupons: $14.40, Bonus Coupons: $12.78, One Card Savings: $13.22
The Bulls Eye BBQ, Wacky Mac, Luzianne, Huggies Wipes & Disposable Gloves were FREE or close to FREE. Also, not shown here, Gillette Shampoo. I found a TMF tearpad on the Homeland shelf. The shampoo was $4.44 and I used a $1.00/1 coupon (doubled) so I paid $2.44 oop and will receive $4.44 back by rebate. Check out the latest Homeland Deals and coupon matchups for yourself!

Walgreens ~ OOP: $17.13, Coupon Savings: $31.23 (includes RRs used toward oop)
I did this trip in two transactions. I purchased the Coppertone products first using (2) $5 printables and resulting in $14.76 out of pocket and earned a $10 RR. Then I purchased the other items using deals and coupon matchups found here. I used $10 RR from previous transaction and paid $2.37 oop.

Target ~ First transaction I spent $24.80 out of pocket for everything you see here except the Electrasol (this was on second transaction). I saved $8.55 with coupons and earned (2) $5 Target Gift Cards (Sobe & Keebler). I will also submit these items for the Kelloggs Fuel for School rebate and receive back $10.

For my second Target transaction, I purchased everything you see below plus the Electrasol in the photo above.
My out of pocket was $34.34 with a total savings of $67.54 plus I still have a $5 Target Gift Card (Softsoap Ensembles)to use on my next trip. You can check out the deals I did here.

At CVS I also did two different trasactions. My first transaction was for the free school supplies. I spent $9.06 oop (I used $4.50 ECBs I had saved)and received $10.95in ECBs.
On my second transaction, I purchased the milk, Purex and cashews using ECBs earned from the first transaction and spending $3.02 out of pocket. I also earned $2 ECBs on the milk. All these deals are here.

Crest ~ Oop: $39.01, Coupon Savings: $9.35, Savings Percentage: 22%
Crest is having an AMAZING produce sale. Check here for a list of produce deals and some other AWESOME deals I found!

Walmart ~ Oop: $18.25, Coupon Savings: $3.50
Two of the Nestle Pure Life 6-packs were free and the other was $0.50.

So there you have it! This is what I do EVERY week. Not only did I purchase the groceries my family needs on a weekly basis but I also bought lots of extras that will carry over to the coming weeks like the roast, peaches & strawberries (I'll freeze what we don't eat this week for next week), bottled water (for John at work and the kids' sports), the electrasol, ziploc bags, laundry detergent and school supplies.



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