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Simple Saving Savvy: Target ~ Swiffer Deal

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Target ~ Swiffer Deal

This post has been edited: I mistakenly posted that the Swiffer debit card was offered when you bought (3) products, it's actually $20 in products, thus the three transactions. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for keeping me straight Sarah!
Target is offering a $5 GC when you buy 2 of any specific products listed on the back page of their ad. The swiffer refills are included in this deal. Swiffer is offering a $10 debit card if you buy $20 of their products. According to customer service, they must be purchased in the same transaction. Here's how it looks:

Buy 2 Swiffer Refills @ $4.04 each.
OOP: $8.08 plus tax
Get $5 GC

Do this three times in the same transaction. Your OOP will be $24.24 but you will get (3) $5 GCs at the end of your transaction.

Then submit for the $10 debit card from Swiffer!

So when it's all said and done, your summary looks like this:

$24.24 - $15.00 (giftcards) - $10.00 (swiffer debit card) = PROFIT $0.76

Thanks to Common Sense with Money for passing along this deal!



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