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Simple Saving Savvy: CVS ~ Getting the hang of it...

Simple Saving Savvy

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CVS ~ Getting the hang of it...

Candice shared her CVS shopping trip with me this week. She writes (my comments added):

"I'm very new to CVS and the ecb system. I am so upset with myself because prior to a couple of months ago - I would get ecb's, didn't know what they were for, and never used them!!! (horror of horrors!!) I didn't know what they were and didn't bother checking!!!! (double horror!) But, now I have fun trying to get the best deals there." (Thatta girl...turnin' over a new leaf!)

This week, Candice swiped her card at the price scanner/coupon kiosk before shopping (good girl) and received (2) $5 off $25 coupons before she started her trip so she had to move to plan B, which mind you was not thought of until this point. She decided to quickly divide her items into two transactions.

1st transaction
(1) Similac formula
(1) Skippy peanut butter
(1) Bayer

subtotal: $26.66
-4.00 ecb's from last week
-5.00 cvs q for 5 off 25
-2.40 mfg q's

Total OOP: 15.26+1.48tax = 16.74
Earned $2 ECBs

2nd transaction
(2) Ragu sauce
(1) Hellman's Mayo
(1) Lipton tea bags
(1) Mother's Day card
(1) Schick razor
(2) Ziplock bags

subtotal: $25.91
-5.00 cvs q for 5 off 25
-5.60 mfg q's
-2.00 ecb from bayer (1st trans)

Total OOP: 13.31+1.58 tax = 14.89
Earned $7 ECBs ($3 Unilever, $4 Schick)

Candice said, "The awesome thing is that I spent 31.63 oop, but the Similac is usually $20-22 alone, so I got the rest of the stuff for under $10.....and I have $7 ECBs to use next week!"

There's also a rebate offer on the Similac from Smart Source 4/26,(buy 2 and receive $5 off your next purchase) so Candice can use this purchase towards the rebate and make this shopping trip summary a little sweeter.

Great job Candice and thanks for sharing!

I love hearing from you me your shopping trip...I'd love to share it as a help and encouragement to others!



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