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Simple Saving Savvy: Walgreens ~ Register Rewards Explained

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walgreens ~ Register Rewards Explained

Register Rewards are coupons that are printed using the small Catalina printers located next to the register. They are Walgreens specific coupons meaning you can’t use them anywhere else. Register rewards are received as a promotional “perk” from manufacturers to entice you to buy their products. For example: You buy Bounty Paper Towels and a $1 Register Reward prints – this register reward is provided by Procter and Gamble. It is good for $1 off your next purchase at Walgreens. When you use your Register Reward, Walgreens will then submit that coupon to Procter and Gamble and get reimbursed.

What makes a Register Reward print?
Register Rewards are linked to the purchase specific products advertised in the weekly sales circular and on displays in-store. Sometimes you only need to buy one item, sometimes you receive them for buying a certain quantity or dollar amount of specific products.

For example: Walgreens often advertises Gillette Fusion Razors for $8.99, buy one and receive $4 in Register Rewards. Or they might run a Unilever promotion where you have to buy $20 worth of specific Unilever products to receive $10 in Register Rewards.

Can I use a Register Reward to purchase items from the same promotion it came from and receive more RRs?
NO! If you go in and buy an item(s) which prints an RR and then you try to use that specific RR again to buy the same items the next RR will not print. This is how Walgreens tries to “limit” the number of deals per person.

If I do two of the same Register Reward deals in one transaction, will I receive double RRs?
No. Only one RR per manufacturer per transaction will print. Again, this is Walgreens way of limiting the number of deals per person.
However, if you repeat the deal, but in a separate transaction, you can earn more register rewards.

Also note: If you are using a Register Reward coupon from one offer to pay for another promotional offer, make sure the offer is not by the same maker who issued the Register Reward being used as payment. If the makers are the same, the new Register Reward will not print. You may, however, use a Register Reward from one manufacturer toward the balance on a different promotion by another maker and receive the RRs from that promotion.

You buy Softsoap Body Wash by Unilever and receive a $3.99 RR. You use this $3.99 RR to pay for another Softsoap Body Wash. The RR for the second body wash will not print.

You buy Softsoap Body Wash by Unilever and receive a $3.99 RR. You use this $3.99 RR toward the Schick Quattro Razor promotion, your RRs for that promotion will print because they are two different makers.

Can I use a Register Reward to buy a different Register Reward item or items?
YES! You can “roll” your RR by using them on a different Register Reward deal. As long as you are not using them on the same products (see above).

How long are Register Rewards good for?
It varies. Most are good for 3 weeks however others are valid for a shorter amount of time.

Register Rewards are considered coupons. With the one coupon per item rule in mind, you will need to purchase an item to stand in the gap for the RR. Try to find something super cheap or something that you absolutely have to have to act as a “filler”. You will need one filler for every RR you intend to use in a single transaction.

Register Rewards are only applicable to the amount of the sale before tax. They cannot be applied towards tax. When using RRs, you will need to make sure your before tax amount is equal to or more than the value of the RR, otherwise the register will beep and not accept the RR.



Blogger he-guy said...

As mentioned in another post, and stated by you above..

Here is the reason people are not understanding why they have an issue with the register rewards: Register rewards are MANUFACTURER'S COUPONS. Walgreen's policy as well as the manufacturer's policy is one coupon per item. If this were not adhered to, and consumers were able to use as many coupons as they wished. Then anything with a coupon could be purchased for free. Manufacturer's coupons are meant to provide a SAVINGS for the customer, not to allow them to purchase unlimited merchandise for free or potentially make money via the use of coupons. Does anyone feel it is ethically right to use coupons in this manner?

How can "filler" items be considered ethical? Example: If you are using a $1 register reward for a $.39 package of tissues, then using the remaining $.61 towards paying for an item that you have already used a manufacturer's coupon on, then you are using two manufacturer's coupons on the same item. The same idea applies to a consumer wanting to use two manufacturer's coupons on an item that is buy-1-get-1-free. Using a second coupon would potentially pay the customer for the second item, again not the purpose of coupons. While the cashier may be able to get around this, the order that items and coupons are rang in, should not have change the total amount due.

September 12, 2009 at 11:30 PM  
Blogger Simple Saving Savvy said...

Register Rewards are a customer rewards program facilitated by Walgreens. The wording on the Register Rewards and the promotion for the Register Rewards reads "$X off your next shopping order". They are classified by Catalina Marketing and Walgreens as a manufacturer coupon but they are not for a specific item. The fine print on RRs states that "the number of manufacturer coupons/register rewards cannot exceed the number of items in the transaction". Register Rewards are backed by product makers and are classified as a manufacturer coupon but are not the same as an insert coupon or internet printable coupon for a specific product. Again, they are intended as "customer rewards".

You are certainly entitled to your opinion and perspective. And I am fully convinced that my actions are ethical and moral. If I am ever presented with undisputable evidence that this is not the case or if Walgreens changes their policy as it is, then I will happily change my outlook. Until then, if you do not think the shopping practices I promote are ethical, feel free to find another blog that you agree with. ~Amanda

September 13, 2009 at 3:32 PM  

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