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Simple Saving Savvy: Mid-Week Crest Update

Simple Saving Savvy

Practicing Wise Stewardship & Blessing Others Out of Our Abundance

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mid-Week Crest Update

Hey everyone!

I stopped by Crest today to pick up my FREE Suave deodorant and was very sad to see that there is a limit of 4. I didn't have time to go through the line several times so I stuck to 4 and I'll try to stop by again tomorrow to use up my $2/3 coupons before they expire on 4/5/09.

I did want to share a scenario with you though. I bought 4 Suave at 2/$1 and used (1) $2/3 Q and (1) .50/1 Q. I figured the register would catch it as usual and only give me $1.50 off for the $2 Q but it didn't. So my balance owed was ($0.34). Yep, you read right...negative 34 cents.

However, one rule every successful couponer should remember is NEVER let your store balance go to the negative. There isn't a retailer out there that wants to "owe" their consumers money. And even though they will get it back through reimbursement of the coupons by the manufacturer, they aren't thinking of that at the moment they are giving you money out of their cash drawer.

You don't want to draw any attention to yourself that could be construed as negative. You want to "make friends" with your managers and cashiers and let them know you're on their side so they are more inclined to be "helpful" when you have a valid coupon issue.

What did I do in this case? I looked over my shoulder to a display of candy bars priced 2/$1. I grabbed one, threw it in and ended up paying $0.20 for (4) deodorants AND a candy bar. After snagging such a good deal, I deserved a treat!

Since I was at Crest anyway, I cruised through the aisles and checked for other deals. Here's what I found:

Post Select Cereals 2/$4
Use $1/2 SS 3/1 exp 4/12/09
Final Cost: $1.50 per box on two

Knorr Lipton Pasta & Rice Sides $0.69
Use .60/2 RP 1/18 exp 4/12/09
Final Cost: $$0.39 each on two

Liberty Gold Fruit Cups 4/$5

Capri Sun Red Berry 10ct. 4/$5 CART DEAL

Nestle Hot Chocolate Mix 2/$1 CART DEAL

Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla 20oz singles 2/$1

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil 25ft $0.99

Kraft Salad Dressing $1.58
Use $1.50/1 SS 3/29 exp 4/29/09
Final Cost: $0.08

Marzetti Salad Dressing 4/$5
Use $1/1 RP 3/31 exp 6/30/09
Final Cost: $0.25

Quaker Delights Individual Bars 10/$1 CART DEAL

Suave Deodorant 2/$1 Limit 4
Use $2/3 RP 3/1 exp 4/5/09
Use .50/1 RP 1/11 exp 4/5/09
Use .50/1 RP 3/29 exp 6/21/09

Final Cost: FREE

Also, look for TMF Peelies on:
Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast Lunchmeat $3.48
Use .55/1 RP 2/22 exp 4/15/09
Send in rebate
Final cost: $0.55 PROFIT
(Thanks Marda!)

Find any other deals at Crest this week? Leave me a comment or email me and I'll give you credit!

Happy Shopping!



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