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Simple Saving Savvy: Walgreens Scenarios 3/29 - 4/4

Simple Saving Savvy

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Walgreens Scenarios 3/29 - 4/4

I thought I'd share with you what I am doing this week at Walgreens. I'm re-vamping my plan in this post to accomodate you, considering some of you may not have multiples of the same coupon or accumulated RRs or giftcard balances.

The following transactions are based on having (2) sets of insert coupons and the internet printables posted in the weekly Walgreens post. You can figure any RRs and giftcard balances you have to get your OOP down. Just remember, the register treats an RR like a coupon, you must have an item to take the place of the RR so plan for fillers.

Even if you do not have RRs or giftcards, the oop on these deals is pretty good considering the items purchased and the RRs you end up with.

Also, the Softsoap deal is rolling right now...this is not normally the case and it probably will not last the whole week so shop as soon as you can and keep this in mind for future transactions.

Transaction #1
$2.99 Softsoap (use $1 IP)
$1.99 Chapstick
$2.99 Skintimate Cream Shave
$7.97 Grand Total (plus tax)

RRs earned $8.97

Transaction #2
$3.24 Softsoap (use .75Q SS 3/29)
$4.00 Quaker Bars x2 (use $1/2 IP)
$.78 Halls Cough Drops x2 (use $1Q SS 3/29)
$1.50 Coke 20oz. x2 (use IP from coke rewards)(this is estimated price)
FREE Candy Bars x2 (walgreens deal, buy 20oz coke, get candy free)
$9.52 Subtotal
-$8.97 RRs from transaction #1
$0.55 Grand Total (plus tax)

**note - I have counted the free candy bars as items to take the place of RRs. If the register beeps, it could be that you will need to add to fillers. So be prepared with a couple of REALLY CHEAP items.

RRs earned $5.99

Transaction #3
$3.24 Softsoap (use .75Q SS 3/29)
$4.00 Life Cereal (use $1/2 IP)
$-.44 Foil (use in ad coupon + $1Q SS 2/8) note: no other Q will work with this deal
$3.59 Edge Shave Cream
$10.39 Subtotal
-$5.99 RRs from transaction #2
$4.40 Grand Total (plus tax)

RRs earned $9.58

Trip Summary:
Total purchases: $27.88
Total spent OOP: $12.92 (plus tax)
Total RRs remaining:

Now if you want, you can roll your $3.99 Softsoap RR into another Softsoap, pay the tax only, and get another $3.99 RR!!!

Questions?? Email me!

Happy Shopping!



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