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Simple Saving Savvy: Way To Go Staples !!!!

Simple Saving Savvy

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Way To Go Staples !!!!

The photo you see above is from Stacy. She emailed this to me along with a letter she is sending to Staples. I thought I'd share with you because not only did she score some great deals BUT she also makes a very good point. So often we choose to dwell on the negative instead of looking to the positive. We think things like "I can't believe they refused my coupon" instead of "I'm so thankful for all the awesome savings I've received this year". Thanks for the reminder Stacy!

"So often we hear the complaints about stores with our bargain-hunting, I thought I would share what a great job Staples has been doing.
I'm emailing this to Staples customer service, but thought I would share it as well with you.

Well it started in December with the amazing battery deals! Because of the illness that struck our family we were only able to do the deal 3 times - 6 packages of batteries!!! That's amazing in itself. Every time I checked out the cashier was so nice! We were fully prepared on Christmas morning for all those electronic gifts!

Then my rebate checks arrive faithfully; never any problems at all! Just as my printer ran out of ink - off to spend my rebates :)

Then, January - 4 free binders. Just what my boys needed to keep all their baseball cards, and my youngest in collecting her Sunday school lessons!

Boom, my photocopier went out! For a homeschool mom and Sunday school teacher, this was not good!
Went to Staples and purchased a new one, and received $150 rebate!!!! Too cool!
Staples recycled my old copier, and did a free tune-up on my laptop! Yippee! No pressure to buy more services. Had a wonderful chat with the service tech who gave me lots of free advice on wireless hook-ups, computer movie downloads, etc...

After getting excellent service in the copy center (earning more rewards), I did a little shopping. Spent $78, and will receive all of it back after filling out my simple, online form.
Good job, Staples"

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