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Simple Saving Savvy: UPDATED - Homeland: Latest Coupon Policy

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Monday, January 11, 2010

UPDATED - Homeland: Latest Coupon Policy

Wow! This has really thrown alot of you (and Homeland) for a loop. But rest assured, these things always work themselves out for those of us who desire to play the game honestly and cooperate.

First I visited with Dennis, the store manager (the ACTUAL store manager, not the assistant or the shift but THE manager). I laid out coupons printed from,, (eCentives) and the Homeland website ( I showed him the different pin numbers on each, I showed him the manufacturer coupons from the Target site and the Homeland site - they both have the store name and/or logo on them but are NOT store coupons. In each case, he ascertained that every coupon was acceptable. I even asked him to check out the Healthy Choice $5.00/5. He checked the website and tracked me down in the store to let me know it  would be fine.

He told me to pass it along to you that if a cashier seems to be telling you something you know to be incorrect concerning coupon policy, to please ask to see a manger. Adam and Jason are his assistant managers.

Next I chatted with Shirley, the front-end manager. She is your "coupon answer lady" as she handles all coupon reimbursement for this store location. I went over the coupons with her and she confirmed all Dennis had said and also told me she had REINSTRUCTED her cashiers just the day before. Apparently some of them had misunderstood and thought Homeland was no longer accepting ANY SmartSource coupons. She also informed them that the coupons with the target logo and "manufacturer coupon" at the top were acceptable. It was only the "Target Web Coupons" that were not. Evidently some of the cashiers had been scanning the Target Web Coupons as well.

The inconvenient situations that have occurred over the last few days are the results of two things: #1 Dishonest and greedy people who aren't content with the mega savings they already get and resort to criminal activity to get more, more, more. And #2  Store cashiers who don't verify that they understand store policy and go on what they assume or think they understood.

In these situations, my experience has been....first, we need to remain calm. There is always a reason behind the inconvenience...and most of the time it is due to fraudulent activity that causes the stores to lose money.  Who can blame them for their concern or tightening of the reins?

Secondly, we need to go to the right person who can give us the facts. Homeland's coupon policy never really changed. All they did was try to further educate their cashiers with regard to printable coupons because they were being faced with quite a bit of fraudulent activity. What happened in the process was a break down in the translation, but even this was fixed with some honest, open communication.

Another thing, it helps to shop at the same store locations and make friends with the store's managerial and other staff. As they get to know you, they know who the "easy to get along with", honest customers are and they also know the greedy, dishonest, unethical and unpleasant customers from a mile away.

I pray that all of you who read Simple Saving Savvy are of the former description, however, I cannot be everyone's conscience. I simply ask you this...if you happen to fall into the latter category (the greedy, dishonest one), please do me a huge favor and do not openly associate yourself with this blog.

So grab those SmartSource and $5.00/5 Healthy Choice coupons, head to Homeland tomorrow for the last day of this week's sale and be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them and the wonderful savings you get at Homeland!


Evidently Homeland has been experiencing quite a bit of fraudulent coupon use lately with regard to internet printable coupons and have had to really crack down and start scrutinizing the printable coupons that cross their scanner.

I caught wind of this and called to the store on Danforth & Bryant to find out what's going on. I spoke with Shirley, one of the front end managers . You probably have seen her if you shop this store. Middle aged lady, blonde wavy strawberry blonde, shorter hair (what was I thinking?). She informed me that they are still taking SmartSource coupons BUT if you are using two, they MUST have different pin numbers. Evidently, someone in Edmond is photocopying coupons. Not good! If you are not engaging in this kind of activity, then the new policy really will not affect you. prints their pin numbers in the form of a strange looking barcode in the upper right corner of the coupon. SmartSource does not use this barcode but they do use pin numbers which are located at the bottom left corner of the coupon. Each coupon you legitimately print from either site will have their own unique pin number. Show this to the cashier if questioned and ask to see a manager if they continue to refuse it.

They also will no longer take printable coupons that do not scan, printable coupons for FREE items or coupons with  really high discount amounts ( there was someone circulating fraudulent coupons like $10.00 off dog food, etc.).

Also, at this time they are not excepting the $5.00/5 Healthy Choice coupon. They are waiting to hear from corporate and will know more tomorrow (Monday).



Blogger Allison said...

Thanks Amanda for all your hardwork that went into getting to the bottom of the Homeland situation. Girl, I owe you a big coke!
allison p.

January 12, 2010 at 9:02 AM  
Blogger We are the Berenstain Bears ! said...

Amanda, I wish I have read this earlier. I went to Homeland on 33rd and they REJECTED my Nestle cocoa coupon because of the Target logo. I didn't go to the manager because I was tired and I didn't really needed it that much. Thank you for going extra miles for this, I'll remember it next time!


January 12, 2010 at 9:59 PM  
Blogger DeDe said...

Thank you for the update and the time you spent getting the correct info! That is good news.
Your right on with your post.

January 13, 2010 at 6:59 AM  

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