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Simple Saving Savvy: Oklahoma White Christmas ~

Simple Saving Savvy

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Oklahoma White Christmas ~

Due to the enormous amounts of snow (according to our standards) that dumped on Oklahoma  many of our readers are spending Christmas in a way they hadn't planned so I wanted to share with you the words of my friend Carrie:

"As many of us spend Christmas Eve in a manner far different than we expected, away from those we love, let us all reflect on the young couple in a strange town two thousand years ago, who delivered a baby in a place far different than they or the world expected to welcome the world's Saviour. God's greatest blessings ...come by HIS perfect plan- which is often nothing close to what we plan for. "

Thanks Carrie!

I hope all of you are enjoying our White Christmas. The girls and I took some time to play today. The snow wasn't wet enough to create a snowman so we improvised with this:
Our snow octopus or as the girls called it, our "octo-man".

We'll try again when the temperatures warm up a bit.

And of course we made snow angels:

And tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to go sledding, AND had a snow fight, which was too action-packed to get pictures of, all the while hubby stayed in the warm house and Pierre, our cat, gazed longingly out the window.

How did you enjoy your White Christmas??



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