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Simple Saving Savvy: My Shopping Trip: Walgreens & Homeland~

Simple Saving Savvy

Practicing Wise Stewardship & Blessing Others Out of Our Abundance

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Shopping Trip: Walgreens & Homeland~

There are so many great deals this week, I didn't have time to fit them all in my shopping trip today. I didn't have a chance to stop by Target and do the Kellogg's cereal deal but I hope to get by there tomorrow. Here's hoping there are some choices left that match my coupons.

At Homeland I spent $18.82 out of pocket but 10.25 of that was for the Honeysuckle Turkey I bought. This isn't our Thanksgiving turkey...I just thought it'd make a nice change of pace for a weeknight dinner and hopefully a few left overs.

Most of the deals I picked up are listed here but there were a few unadvertised goodies:

Rhodes Warm N Serve $2.33 (this price is effective through December) WOOHOO!!
Use $1.00/1 SS 7/19, 8/16, 9/20
Final Cost: $0.33

Buddig Smoked Turkey tub $2.79
Use $1.00/1 printable
Final Cost: $0.79

Nabisco Premium Crackers $2.49
Use $1.00/1 tearpad found at Homeland
Final Cost: $0.49
**use toward this rebate

Grande Tortilla Chips $2.88
Use $1.00/1 SS 9/13
Final Cost: $0.88

Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Detergent $2.89
Use $1.00/1 home mailer or Home Made Simple booklet
Final Cost: $0.89

Snapple individual drinks $1.29-$1.49
Use $0.55/1 printable (no longer available)
Final Cost: $0.19-$0.39 ea.

And here are some more deals I didn't do but are still available:

Klondike Single Bars $1.00
Use $1.00/1 printable
Final Cost: FREE

Various Malt-O-Meal Bagged Cereals $2.89
Use $1.00/1 printable
Final Cost: $0.89

Starbucks Frappaccino (single serve) $2.49
Use $1.00/1 printable
Final Cost: $0.49

I did four transactions at Walgreens. Three at one store (thanks Brookelyn) and the third at another location. It turned out well but I did mess up on the last transaction (explained below).

First Transaction:
Bounce Dryer Bar x2
Tide Stain Release x1
Theraflu x2
Dayquil x2
Gillette Bodywash
Gillette Deodorant
Lubriderm x3
Large Candle
Votives x3

Coupons used:
$1.50/1 Dryer Bar x2
$1.50/1 Tide Stain Release
$3.00/2 Theraflu
$2.00/1 Walgreens Theraflu (subtracted $4)
(2) $1.50/1 Dayquil
FREE coupons for Gillette Bodywash
$1.00/1 Gillette Deodorant
(3) $2.00/1 Lubriderm

RRs used toward balance: $7, $3.50, $3.00, $2.50, $2.50 & $2.00 = $20.50
Total out of pocket: $7.94
RRs earned: $2.50 P&G, $8 Lubriderm, $3 Theraflu, $3 Vicks, $2 Gillette = $18.50

Second Transaction:
(3) Lubriderm
(4) votives

Coupons used:
(3) $2.00/1 Lubriderm

RRs used: $4.00, $1.00 = $5
Total out of pocket: $1.68
RRs earned: $8 Lubriderm

Third Transaction:
(1) Almay Pure Blends foundation $9.99
(1) Almay Pure Blends mascara $$6.99

Coupons used: none, however, mascara rang up FREE

RRs used: $8.00 Lubriderm from previous transaction
Total out of pocket: $2.76
RRs earned: $10 & $5 = $15

Fourth Transaction:
(3) Lubriderm $3.99
Almay Pure Blends foundation $9.99
Almay Pure Blends mascara $6.99
(6) Hunt's tomato sauce $4.80
(4) Pot Holders $0.96

Coupons used:
(3) $2.00/1 Lubriderm
(2) $1.00/3 Hunts products printable
Walgreens in ad coupon - $2.80

RRs used: $8, $3 and $2 = $13
Total out of pocket: $5.85
RRs earned: $10 & $5 Almay

This transaction was where my mistake occurred...I got so excited about getting Almay for FREE plus making money that I used a Lubriderm RR in purchasing Lubriderm so I did not get the $8 RR from this transaction. If I had used a different combination of RRs to pay toward the balance, I would've earned back $10, $5 AND $8 maing the deal a $17.15 MONEY MAKER.

All in all, my total out of pocket for the day at Walgreens was $18.23 and I still have $35.50 in Register Rewards.

How did you do this week?

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