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Simple Saving Savvy: Simple Saving Savvy adds GFF Foods in Moore ~

Simple Saving Savvy

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Simple Saving Savvy adds GFF Foods in Moore ~

I am so excited to be adding GFF Foods in Moore to our grocery deals at Simple Saving Savvy.

Thanks to bellanorma (a loyal SSS reader) and her wonderful hubby, Simple Saving Savvy will be able to feature not only deals and coupon matchups but also a link to the GFF Foods weekly sales circular.

GFF Foods is locally owned and operated. They are located at 1219 N Santa Fe Ave in Moore and are open 24 hours. Their sales cycle is Wednesday thru Tuesday.

GFF Foods doubles manufacturer's coupons $1.00 and under on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday only. They do not accept internet coupons.

They do not have a website but the information I did find on-line was nothing but good.

Here are a few quotes from regular customers:

"I do not shop for groceries at GFF, however I do love that they have a smokehouse deli up front with excellent deals on family specails for rib dinners. It is great and convenient when in a hurry for supper. The staff is friendly."

"Charlie you're awesome thanks for doing what you do with the store and how you support this community and the schools. Your employees are so greaat and helpful, never hear any complaining and love that when I try to carry my own bags out they won't allow it. Thanks for the weekly great sales and will continue shopping forever."

"I try to always shop GFF. It is owned by the employees not by some big company. They have the best produce sales. I also try to buy all my meat there. They cut their own they don't have it shipped in from a warehouse. Try this store for convenience and friendliness."

I hope you all benefit from this! Thanks for reading Simple Saving Savvy!



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