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Simple Saving Savvy: Save $$ With Homemade Household Cleaners ~

Simple Saving Savvy

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Save $$ With Homemade Household Cleaners ~

Guest Post by Heidi from Frugal Girls

One way I've found to save our family a lot of money is to make our own cleaners. It took me awhile before I was willing to try this, but after I did a quick analysis of how much money I could save, I knew it was time to start making up some frugal cleaning solutions of my own!

These solutions literally cost approximately $0.40 to make, as opposed to the $3 or $4 price tag you’ll often see on cleaners at the store. Here are two of my favorite tried and true “recipes” for homemade cleaning solutions:

Homemade 409
2 Tablespoon distilled white vinegar
1 teaspoon Borax
1/8 cup Dawn dish soap
1 cup hot water

Pour vinegar, borax, and hot water into spray bottle. Then continue filling spray bottle with cool water.
Add dish soap last. There is no need to shake.

Homemade Laundry Stain Remover
1/3 cup Dawn dish soap
1/3 cup ammonia
3 Tablespoon baking soda
1 cup water

Mix all ingredients together and store in an empty spray bottle. I was skeptical of this one at first, but since I have two boys who are dirt and grass-stain magnets I gave it a try and I've found that it has never let me down!

If you haven’t tried making your own cleaning solutions, I’d highly encourage you to try! You just need a few simple ingredients and you’re on your way to some effective and thrifty solutions. It’s easy to do, and you might be amazed at how much money you’ll save!

Frugal Girls is a positive and fun site dedicated to helping you save money and stretch your dollars by finding the best bargains, hottest coupons, thrifty meals, and outrageous deals!

I'm thinking of trying these out myself. I'm already a firm believer in ammonia as a cleaner since my husband is a self-employed contract welder and fabricator. He comes home caked with Oklahoma red clay, grease and drenched in sweat. Ammonia has never let me down to get his clothes clean and fresh again. It also works well to clean your oven. Just place a small amount in a glass bowl in your oven overnight. Be sure to shut the door. In the morning, dispose of the ammonia and effortlessly wipe your oven clean.

Do you have any homemade cleaning solutions? Leave a comment! I'd love to hear your ideas.



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