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Simple Saving Savvy: DEAD DEAL!! Homeland ~ Possible FREE Koolaid Singles

Simple Saving Savvy

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

DEAD DEAL!! Homeland ~ Possible FREE Koolaid Singles

Koolaid Singles, the 12ct. box, is on sale at Homeland for $1.99 (regularly priced $3.99) through 12/31/09. I found a special display at the store at Bryant & Danforth with tearpad coupons for $1.00 off when you buy one box. This means FREE Koolaid.

Be careful! I tried to purchase one and it rang up for $3.99. I pointed it out to the cashier and he told me it was $1.99 WITH the coupon. So I told him I'd pass this time but I went and checked the display. The sign said NOTHING about the product being $1.99 with the coupon. It simply stated $1.99 with use of your Homeland ONE Card. Regular price $3.99. So I went and checked the regular aisle where they keep the koolaid and the price sign there simply showed that the price had been cut from $3.99 to $ coupons in site on the aisle.

So I sweetly explained the situation to the customer service rep and she went directly to let the manager know. I'm going to back on Monday for my regular shopping trip and hope they have the price adjusted in the computer. If you happen to stop in this weekend and find things as they should be, please let me know!



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