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Simple Saving Savvy: KFC no longer accepting Free Meal coupons

Simple Saving Savvy

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Friday, May 8, 2009

KFC no longer accepting Free Meal coupons

According to this video, the response to KFC's Free Meal printable coupons was so overwhelming that KFC has stopped redeeming them. However, you can take your coupon to your local KFC and the manager will give you a redemption form for a raincheck. You can complete and give back to the manager or complete and mail in by May 19. I think I'd trust the US Postal Service with this.

The idea is that the rainchecks will all be issued for different time frames so there won't be a run on KFC.

Anyway, it is a hassle to go this route (almost too much for me) but the upside is that the NEW raincheck coupon will include a FREE DRINK as well.



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