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Simple Saving Savvy: Counterfeit Coupon Alert ~ Pampers

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Counterfeit Coupon Alert ~ Pampers

**this coupon has been circulating for quite sometime but I have not yet posted it here. I wanted to make you aware since the Velveeta and Bounty seem to be resurfacing again after almost six months. This public service announcement was copied from

Coupon Offer Withdrawn

Due to widespread counterfeiting, Procter & Gamble has withdrawn its FREE Pampers Jumbo Pack coupon for the offer shown below. RETAILERS should not accept this coupon under any circumstance.

Less than 16,000 of the authentic coupon were distributed; however, nearly 22,000 have been redeemed. The counterfeit coupons are being sold on a variety of websites. Procter & Gamble does not authorize the sale of any of its coupons on any non-P&G website.

CONSUMERS should be aware that any offer to sell a coupon is not authorized by Procter & Gamble and most FREE coupons offered for sale are in fact counterfeits. Counterfeiting is a fraud against Consumers, Retailers and P&G.

Since the real coupon has not yet expired, there are individuals who may have valid FREE Pampers Jumbo Pack (diaper counts from 13 to 50 diapers/pack) coupons in their possession. Upon request and verification, Procter & Gamble will replace authentic, unaltered coupons with a coupon of equal or greater value. Authentic coupons may be sent to the address below. Attempts to submit counterfeit coupons may result in civil or criminal prosecution.

Procter & Gamble
2150 Sunnybrook Drive DEPT #77261
Cincinnati, OH 45237

Please note, we must receive the physical coupons in order to validate authenticity. For help in confirming your coupon is not counterfeit please call 1-800-937-7327.

For more details, go HERE or HERE!



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