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Simple Saving Savvy: My Walgreens Trip 4/27/09

Simple Saving Savvy

Practicing Wise Stewardship & Blessing Others Out of Our Abundance

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Walgreens Trip 4/27/09

I had a somewhat frustrating day at Walgreens yesterday! First of all, I could not find Ecotrin or Bayer at any of the Edmond stores (they will get some more in on Friday for those of you who want to get some) so I had to go to plan B which is NEVER quite as profitable as plan A. Then in my last transaction, I was talking to one of my favorite cashiers, not paying attention and used an RR to pay for a transaction by the same maker sooooo.....NO RRs for that item!

I guess I share this for those of you who are new to this and still figuring things out. No matter how long you do it, sometimes it just doesn't work out as planned. But when you look back over all the deals that have gone as planned....they WAY outweigh moments like these.

What I got:

(3) Nivea Body Wash
(2) Rembrandt Toothpaste
(2) Dr. Scholl's Insoles
(2) Gum Toothbrush (2pk)
(1) Schick Quattro Bikini Trimmer
(9) Gift Wrap

Total value: $63.45

Coupons used:
$1.00 Nivea x3
$2.00 Dr. Scholl's x2
$2.00 Gum x2
$4.00 Schick x1
in ad coupon for wrapping paper

(4) transactions

Total oop: $16.87 (plus tax)

Still have: $9.00 RRs

So still not a bad day but with plan A, I would have spent alot less OOP but ended up with about the same amount of RRs.

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