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Simple Saving Savvy: Green Giant Potatoes Printable Coupon

Simple Saving Savvy

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Green Giant Potatoes Printable Coupon

Earlier this week there was a link for a "buy two 5lb bags of Green Giant potatoes, get one 5lb bag free" printable coupon circulating the blogosphere. I did not post this link because it did not work for me.

But I am happy to say that I emailed the company and they fixed it! So I can now pass this coupon on to you.

When you sign up to print, you'll get the normal windows print screen where you can change printing preferences. FYI...DO NOT PRINT MULTIPLE COPIES OF THIS COUPON. If you'll notice, there is a coupon unique id on the coupon which is meant to limit the number of coupons printed and reimbursed. If you print multiple copies, this number does not change.

If you print multiple copies and use them, not only will the manufacturer NOT reimburse the retailer for coupons with "like" coupon unique id's, but this could also be classified fraudelent coupon use.

You are able to print two coupons. Just click on the offers tab at the top of the page and print the coupon a second time through the proper channels. The unique id will be different.



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