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Simple Saving Savvy: Freezer Cooking Day

Simple Saving Savvy

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day

Since we're snowed in here in Oklahoma, I thought I might join in on the Freezer Cooking Day being hosted by Money Saving Mom and Life As Mom.

The official dates for this even are January 29 through February 2. I think most of the participants are doing their cooking on Monday but I'm choosing to do mine a little differently. Instead of doing all my cooking in one day, I'm going to spread it out over the next few snow days according to when I have time and if I feel like it.

I know, not exactly the most intentional method but it's what works for me.

Now, I did not plan to do this until just last night. So this morning I got up, checked my cupboards and refrigerator, ran through my recipe book and made a list. I will not be making a ton of meals to be used this next month but rather taking steps to save time and money later. Here's my plan:
  • Lemon Chicken*
  • Italian Chicken *
*I purchased a 2.5lb bag of Tyson Chicken Breast at Crest Foods Anniversary sale. I'll divide this to make the above two items. I have the ingredients on hand for the lemon chicken marinade and of course a million bottles of italian dressing for the italian chicken.
  • Green Chili Turkey Burgers
  • Chop & freeze more green bell peppers (purchased at Crest Foods for 3/$1)
  • Chop & freeze apples for later use in cobbler
  • Cook & freeze 3lbs rice
  • Crush and freeze cracker crumbs ( I have two boxes that are almost out of date. I will make crumbs and use later for filler or breading).
  • Pancakes (cooking and freezing for quick breakfasts) Thanks Dedra!

If I get out to the store tomorrow, I'll pick up red/orange bell peppers and onions (Homeland has them on sale 3lbs for $1.29). I have italian sausage and the other ingredients to make a couple batches of my Sausage Saute and then I'll chop, cook and freeze the rest of the onions for use in later dishes (Thanks Lynn!).

So that's my plan. We'll see how it goes.

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