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Simple Saving Savvy: Savvy Reader Question: Where can I donate?

Simple Saving Savvy

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Savvy Reader Question: Where can I donate?

"I was introduced to your couponing class at a MOPS meeting in Norman and I have to say you have opened me to a whole new adventure. It has been awesome utilizing different resources to bring down the price of my groceries. I mean, I have gotten items for free to next to nothing, thank you for sharing your vision. Even your description using Proverbs, I can't explain how uplifting it was for me. It also made a change in how I see myself within my family, thank you very much.

I have some food I want to donate and wanted to know where you donate and if you had any other sites. I live in Moore but I am willing to go outside my area, thanks again."

I received this message from Arcadia right before the Christmas season kicked into full gear for me. I apologize for not being able to get to it sooner.

Her email poses a very important question.

You all know the emphasis placed on "giving back" here at Simple Saving Savvy. The top two reasons for being frugal and spending wisely are:

#1 - to glorify and honor God with all He has blessed us with and with what really belongs to Him anyway.

#2 - to then obey His Word by giving to His work and helping those in need.

Arcadia's question was two fold. She wanted to know where I personally donate my items and if I can suggest any other places.

For the most part, I donate in a couple of different ways. First, I donate the majority to FaithWorks of the Innercity which is a Christian organization that ministers to the families whose children attend Shidler Elementary School in Oklahoma City.

Sally Goin founded FaithWorks and with the help of a couple of priceless assistants, spends most of her time overseeing all of their programs. These programs include Whiz Kids Tutoring, ESL Classes, Mommy & Me parenting classes for mom's with preschoolers, after school homework help and many other activities. Just this year they opened their new community center, located across the street from Shidler Elementary.

The items donated are sometimes used at the community center but most often are distributed to the varies families being ministered to and sometimes homeless families in the area.

There are many other Christian, non-profit organizations and ministries that can benefit from and covet your donations. A couple of suggestions:

Jesus House

City Rescue Mission

A second way I donate is by remaining open to where the Holy Spirit leads. There are lots of hurting families, whether financially or emotionally, in our communities. When I hear of a family that could use an extra boost of encouragement, I put together a care package from my stockpile.

Just recently a friend from church was sharing with me what a tough year her sister is having. An unemployed,  single mom of two young children with a less than cooperative ex-husband. I could feel the tug and packed a huge box and bag with everything from food items to household cleaners to cosmetics to ziploc bags, and dropped it by my friend's house for her sister. What a lift it gave this hurting mom...not only was some of the financial burden lifted, but it showed her that someone CARED.

I have shared this story with you to encourage and challenge  you,  not only to give to organizations,  but also to regularly ask God to provide opportunities for you to share the love of Christ through giving to those around you as well.

What an impact we can have for Christ in our communities.

Where do you donate your abundance? I'd love to hear new suggestions!



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