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Simple Saving Savvy: Collect trash and earn money for your school or favorite charity with Terracycle ~

Simple Saving Savvy

Practicing Wise Stewardship & Blessing Others Out of Our Abundance

Monday, December 28, 2009

Collect trash and earn money for your school or favorite charity with Terracycle ~

I know many of you are "green" conscious and now you can take recycling to a whole new level!

It's called Terracycle. Some of you may remember I posted about Terracycle before, but for new readers or those of you who missed that post, I thought I'd fill you in.

Terracycle is a company that creates great new products from people's trash. Specific trash to be exact.

For instance, they make back packs, lunch kits and pencil cases out of CapriSun Pouches. They re-use two litter soda bottles and milk jugs to hold household cleaners and other products. They make tote bags from empty Aveeno tubes, Lays potato chip bags and Ritz Toasted get the picture.

Now here's the super cool part...

You can form a Terracycle Brigade with your charity or school. Simply choose a product or two or three, sign up with the Brigade and start collecting the trash. Terracycle will pay your charity or school for every unit you send them. And they even pay shipping costs!

There are lots of Brigades you can join:

Ritz Toasted Chips
Lays Potato Chips
Bear Naked Granola
Mars Candy Wrappers
Kashi Packages
Huggies Diaper Packages
Wine Corks
and many more!

They even have a cell phone brigade!!

I'm sure you can see the possibilities here. Do your part to cut down on our world's garbage by recycling your everyday trash, earn money for your school or favorite charity AND get reasonably priced, cool new products.

What are you waiting for?? Be sure and let us know which Brigade you join!



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