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Simple Saving Savvy: NOW, where is she???

Simple Saving Savvy

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NOW, where is she???

It was almost a month ago...the last time she stopped posting. Around the time of Halloween...something about Halloween costumes and life hitting her square between the eyes.

Now she seems to have gone MIA again. Where is she?

Oh yeah, it's almost Thanksgiving. Last I heard she had seven people coming to dinner in addition to the normal seven and she was the only one cooking.

And her house, you should've seen her house. It looked like she threw this whole "intentional" thing right out the window.

So I bet about now she's up to her ears in baking, screaming orders at her children to stop fighting and help get the house clean and trying not to stress about making everything "just perfect" for company.

I bet we can count on seeing her around sometime on Friday or Saturday. Unless of course she just pops in from time to time to give herself a break and save her sanity.


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