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Simple Saving Savvy: Happy Birthday to Me ~

Simple Saving Savvy

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me ~

Hubby and I usually pick out our own birthday gifts. We both know what we want so we discuss it before hand and then go buy our own present.

My birthday has come and gone but here's what I picked out...When I first started using a coupon binder, I bought a really cheap binder. Not a very wise choice as it didn't take long to wear out. After a few bad choices (read cheap binders) I finally cracked down and spent about $7 on a heavy duty PVC binder. I used that for over a year and it held up fine.

But this year while shopping for school supplies, I saw this binder at Walgreens for $17.99. I kept an eye on it for quite awhile and told my husband, this is what I want for my birthday. So a week after my birthday, I went to Walgreens and splurged on their last gray/pink one.

I love it! It holds all my coupons, has a zippered compartment inside to keep my lists w/ coupon matchups and it also has a handy dandy accordian file that is accessible from inside of out.I also bought a larger hanging file holder. This one is twice the size of my old one plus it's easier to transport for shopping trips (no, I don't carry this into the store, but I do keep it in the van just in case)or coupon classes. It also has a compartment in the top for carrying an extra pair of scissors, sharpie or other loose items.I found this at Walmart for $9.99.

To read more about the coupon binder or "no clip" methods for coupon organization, click here and here.

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