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Simple Saving Savvy: My Basket of Hope ~

Simple Saving Savvy

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Basket of Hope ~

One of my strongest memories is of a time when a basket was delivered to my work place. A basket for me.

It was December 2003...I was a single mom.

Four months before I had relocated from Arizona to Farmington, NM with my boyfriend. And just two months later, he left me high and dry with no way to pay my rent or truck payment. I had used all of my disposable funds to move, had just started my new job and was two weeks away from my first paycheck. I had no family in the area and no friends. I had two little girls.

That was my rock bottom.

My mother, who would normally have welcomed me home with open arms, encouraged me to stay and make it work. She suggested that maybe God was trying to get my attention.

After eleven years of running in the wrong direction, I turned around and started running toward God. To Him be the Glory!

I started attending Calvary Chapel, a small Bible church that welcomed me with open arms. It also was where I would later meet my hubby.

That holiday season, the Ladies Ministry at Calvary Chapel decided to distribute baskets of encouragement to single mothers they were acquainted with.

I cried when I received that basket. It was full of all kinds of goodies...just for me. ME!

I cannot even begin to describe what I felt deep within but suffice it to say, I knew someone cared about me. I wasn't alone to carry my burden. God had put these precious women in my life at just the right time...and if He took the time to do that, then He really cared for me.

The memory of that day hasn't faded and I don't think it ever will.

God used those women to encourage me in my walk. And He used that gift to put a softness in my heart. Because of my experiences as a single mom and that single act of kindness, God has given me a heart for others in similar situations.
He has shown me that we may never know what a simple act of kindness can mean to a person. How it can change their lives.

Fast forward to September 2009...

God has impressed upon my heart to facilitate a similar gift basket project this holiday season. I don't know all the specifics yet. But right now my goal is to fill and distribute 10-15 baskets to single Christian mothers who may be struggling financially or emotionally. The baskets will include fun, frilly, indulgent items meant just for them. Not their children. Just them. I also will include a card with a blessing written to them with scriptural words of encouragement.

This number of baskets is do-able within my own resources. I am, however, praying that God will impress a desire to help on the hearts of some of the women I attend church with.

I encourage each one of you to pray about how you can bless others during this Christmas season. I know that there are many programs that are designed to do just this during the holidays but many times there are demographic groups that are overlooked. And many times there are hurting or struggling Believers right in our midst.

Single mothers not your thing? How about gift bags to encourage youth to be strong in their faith, or baskets of encouragement for those "behind the scenes" volunteers at your church or what better way to be salt and light than to hand out baskets of Christmas Hope within your neighborhood. Use your imagination and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Need some help on the creative side? Check out this website.

I'd love to hear your ideas!



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