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Simple Saving Savvy: New Target Printable Coupons ~

Simple Saving Savvy

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Monday, August 10, 2009

New Target Printable Coupons ~

Have you noticed Target has been updating the printable coupons on their website on Mondays instead of Sundays lately?

Here are the new offers:

Combos 7oz cheddar snacks $1.00/1
Combos 7oz pretzel snacks $1.00/1
Kudos M&Ms 10ct. granola bars $1.00/1
Kudos 10ct. variety pack $1.00/1
Skittles Crazy Cores $1.00/1
Starburst 14oz. FavREDS $1.00/1
Starburst 14oz. Original $1.00/1
Twixels 4.4oz. Caramels $1.00/1
Twixels 4.4oz. french vanilla candy $1.00/1
Twixesl chocolate candy $1.00/1
Archer Farms snack mix $0.50/1
Sutton & Dodge Angus beef steak or roast $1.00 off
Bananas 1lb $0.50 off
Electrasol $1.00/1
Desatin diaper rash treatment (excludes trial) $0.75/1

Save paper and ink by printing these at your local super Target. Go to the gift registry kiosk and access Scroll to the bottom index and click on grocery coupons. Click print and deselect the coupons you don't want, then click print. Touch the print button in the top right corner of the screen once for each set of coupons you'd like to print.

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