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Simple Saving Savvy: Try Free Products and Share Your Opinions

Simple Saving Savvy

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Try Free Products and Share Your Opinions

Do you like to try new products and share your opinions with those within your social networks?

Through a consumer word of mouth program called BzzAgent, you can try new products and help manufacturers spread the word about their products to other consumers.

Manufacturers are looking for real people like you to add a layer of trust for their products that's absent in traditional media. BzzAgent's word of mouth network can offer something that no other medium can: credibility.

How does it work?

Simply sign up to be a BzzAgent. You will begin to receive emails inviting you to join various product campaigns. You will receive a Bzz Kit that contains a product sample and coupons to share with friends. You will be asked to submit Bzz reports each time you buzz about that particular campaign. The more buzz you create, the more status you acquire resulting in more invitations to campaigns as well as early invitations. You can also earn MyPoints.

I, personally have participated in numerous campaigns including Off Repellant Fans, Windex Multi-Surface Wipes, Max Factor Cosmetics and two different Chili's campaigns.

With BzzAgent, there is no secrecy. You are encouraged to be up front about your involvement with the program and your status as an agent.

Sign up to be a BzzAgent now!



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