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Simple Saving Savvy: FREE Business Cards ~

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

FREE Business Cards ~

New Customer Special. 250 Free Business Cards + 2 Free Upgrades. Get FREE Glossy Finish & FREE Backside upgrades with your order.

Vista Print offers great products. Take advantage of this promotion: 250 FREE Business Cards plus TWO FREE Upgrades. The upgrades are a glossy finish and a FREE backside to your card. All you pay is shipping which is usually around $6 for an order of this size.

I use Vista Print to print my business cards for Simple Saving Savvy!

So right now you're probably saying to yourself..."But I don’t have a business, so why would I need business cards?"

Well, consider some of these great unconventional uses for business cards:

- Make gift cards. Put a message on the card that works for all occasions. Something such as “A gift for you!” Then add the names of the people in your family for the “from” part. This can be added to gift card envelopes or attached to gift bags with a punched hole and ribbon.

- Make a health info card. Put your photo on it with a list of allergies, emergency contacts, and any other important info. You can put them in your wallet, car, or even give them to people that you travel with.

- Make a personal card for networking. If you’re into networking or looking to get into it, a personal card is a great way to give out your info. Put your name, phone number, email, Twitter URL, or any other way of contacting you on it that you’d like.

- Make a location/home address card. If you’re moving, this is a great and easy way to give out your new address. Slip it in cards or hand them out to family. It’s a nice way to share the information and have it handy when needed. Another great way to use this type of card is for parties. Slip a card in an invitation. The card is small enough that they can just slip it into their wallet or purse to bring along on their way to the party. No big bulky invitation needed to find your house!

- Make a parent card. Put your name, your spouses name, and your child(rens) names on this card, along with home address, phone number, and even email. This way you can easily hand over your info when dropping your child off at another child’s home and the parents will have all of your contact info at hand. These are also good for your children to have if they don’t know your phone number off hand.

- Make event tickets/announcements. Part of PTA, a fund raising committee for soccer, or anything else that would hold an event? Create cards to use as tickets or mini announcements. They’re just the right size to use for either of these event ideas!

- Make event calendars. Do you host a book club, have a child in a sport, or host BINGO night? Print out an event calendar on cards to hand out to attendees.

- Make registry cards. If you’re getting married soon or having a baby shower that you’re going to be creating a registry for, print your info on business cards. Place them in the invitations.



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