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Simple Saving Savvy: Using Expired Coupons ~

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Using Expired Coupons ~

It has come to my attention that there are many sites out there that advocate using expired coupons. Their philosophy is "if the computer doesn't beep, then use them".

Simple Saving Savvy DOES NOT advocate or condone this practice.

There is one instance where it would be acceptable to use expired coupons and that is when a store's specific coupon policy states that they will honor expired coupons. I'm not sure why they do this except maybe they figure the business this practice brings in outweighs the amount of money they have to eat by covering expired coupons. I know that there are no stores in my area that have this policy.

The manufacturers put expire dates on their coupons for a reason. Using them outside the guidelines for which they are/were intended is simply put: FRAUDULENT coupon use.

As I have stated before, the more people abuse coupons, the less likely manufacturers are to offer AMAZING rebates and coupons. Don't ruin it for everyone else.

On a more positive note, consider donating your expired coupons to overseas military families. It is legal for overseas military commissaries to accept coupons within six months of expiring. Click here for more information and here to find a military base to send your expired coupons to.



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