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Simple Saving Savvy: Retreating for the weekend!

Simple Saving Savvy

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Retreating for the weekend!

I am going on a much needed retreat this weekend....wish I could say I was going here

but I'm only going to my church less than five miles away. I won't even be staying the night. I'll go this evening, be home to sleep in my own bed and then up early in the morning to head back for the full day.

I know the Lord has some wonderful rest and encouragement and fellowship in store for me. I look forward to these events every year!

With that in mind, I have caught you up on the deals starting Sunday. Except for Target....I'll be back on Sunday to post the Target Deals....need to wait til they publish the in-store specials.

So if you've checked in and there hasn't been anything new for the last day or so, you'll know what's up.

I haven't forsaken you, just retreated for a bit! If you find any good deals while I'm gone, email me!


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